I will always stand up and speak out for our NHS services

Like many across the community and across the country, the NHS has been there for my family in times of need, whether that be caring through cancer or elderly crisis care - for me it isn’t just a political priority, it is personal. That’s why I am and always will be a proud and passionate advocate of our NHS, standing up for both those who provide our services and speaking out for those who use them.

The announcement of £5 million investment by the Welsh Government to develop a new integrated health and social care centre in the heart of Flint is both very welcome and well warranted.

This investment will not only see new services relocated to the town – adult community mental health, review and prescribing for patients who would have otherwise been seen in hospital and physiotherapy assessment to name a few - but will also provide ‘one stop shop access’ to range of information and advice services.

I look forward to seeing work commence on the health centre which is a key part of the regeneration of Flint – including new council housing – thanks to £30 million public sector investment.

If elected in May I will work with the community and alongside stakeholders to make sure we build on this investment to best support the community, identify any gaps in provision and ensure services meet the needs of the people of Flint today.